Answer (Internal Use)

If a tree is down . . .  

  1. on private property and the tree is growing from private property, the caller will need to contact their insurance company or a landscaping company.
  2. on private property and is a City-owned tree (growing from the right-of-way):    
    • Create a Remove Tree from City Park or Right-of-Way service request  for  the Parks and Recreation Department, and treat incident as an emergency.  
    • If, for example, the tree is on a house or vehicle, after creating the service request, contact Parks Urban Rangers at 832-395-7100, or notify a 3-1-1 liaison or  supervisor.  
  3. in a street:    
    • Houston Public Works,  Transportation & Drainage Operations Service Line removes trees  from the  streets and temporarily places them at the curb to be hauled off at a later date.   Create a  service request to have a  crew dispatched.
    • Create a Tree/Limb in Street service request.  
  4. on other public property   such as  a right-of-way or esplanade,
    • Create a PR Tree Removal Service request.

The City will not remove or trim trees in an easement at the request of a caller.

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